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William Jamieson

My 2nd great-grandfather, William Jamieson, was born on 19 Sept 1842, in Lerwick, Shetland. The eldest of ten children, he was the son of Neil Jamieson and Mary Hunter. His grandfather was William Jamieson, Fishery Officer for Lerwick. He was christened on the 15 Dec 1842, within the Church of Scotland, in Lerwick. William’s early…

An Officer of the Fishery

This is the story of my 4x great grandfather, William Jamieson. He was a herring Fishery Officer in Lerwick, between 1810 and 1848.

Alexander McCulloch From the Crofts to the Mines

My husband‘s Great Grandfather, Alexander McCulloch was a miner. He spent every day working deep below the ground in complete darkness and unbearable heat. His job was dangerous and difficult. Breathing in stale air and coal dust and facing the constant risk of cave-ins and gas explosions to earn a wage that he would often…

Alexander McCulloch A Highland Life

In this post, I am taking a bigger leap back in time and will be telling the story of the life and times of Alexander McCulloch my husband’s G. Great Grandfather on his mother’s. side. His story is set in 19th Century Sutherland. The following description is based on my interpretation of the records I…

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