The Beginning

I began my family history research following the death of my father, Jimmy Thomson, who passed away in 1995. He never spoke about his own family history and I had never thought to ask. Suddenly, I realised I’d never get that chance. There was so much I wanted to know. What were my grandparents like? Where did dad grow up? What had his childhood been like? I wanted to know his story. My grandparents were dead and dad’s funeral was the first time to my recollection that I’d met any of my dad’s brothers. I wanted to know their stories.
My mum filled in bits but she couldn’t tell me what age her own mother had been when she had died. I knew I didn’t have a reliable historian there! So my journey began. I have now been researching, on and off, for the last twenty-five years. I hope you will follow me as I share my past, present, and future family history discoveries with you.

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